The Debugger


This page explains how to use the Debugger feature in the Unlaunch Console. The Debugger is useful in troubleshooting. It allows you to evaluate feature flags from Unlaunch Console and see the evaluation reason so you can understand why certain variation is served.

Feature Flags are evaluated using server-side and client-side SDKs. Unlaunch provides Debugger an easy way to troubleshoot your flag without using any code.

It is important to note that Debugger is used just for troubleshooting. In such evaluation, no event is fired and nothing shows in insight. Events are fired using SDKs.

Troubleshoot Using Unlaunch Console

From Unlaunch, go to Debugger’s page. Select feature flag. use id or generate random id as an identity for rollout or bucketing, select SDK key and add attributes (if any).

The Debugger


Few examples are shown below.

Disabled Flag

The Debugger

Enabled Flag

The Debugger

Flag Using Attribute Values


Troubleshoot Flag by providing the same value of the attribute as defined in targeting rules.

The Debugger

Troubleshoot Flag by providing unmatched value in the attribute.

The Debugger