This topic explains Unlaunch’s SDK versioning policy.

What is semantic versioning?

Semantic versioning (also reffered as SemVer) is a mechanism to uniquely label each version of sofware product that is released.

Semantic Versioning is a 3-component number in the format of X.Y.Z, where :

X stands for a major version.
Y stands for a minor version.
Z stands for a patch.

So, SemVer is of the form Major.Minor.Patch.

When we release a new version, we increment one of three versions major, minor, or patch. Version change reflects the type of changes that is being made.

  1. The increament in major version denotes that version contains breaking changes.

  2. The increment in minor version denotes new features that is released are backward compatible.

  3. The increment in patch version denotes backwards compatible bug fixes.

To learn more, read Semantic Versioning 2.0.0